Top Four Community Management Blog Posts: April 2013

Another inexcusably late edition of last month’s top online community management blog posts. I only found four really good posts this month. If there’s a fifth one out there I ought to feature, please let me know with a comment below.

1. Think About Online Community Moderator Escalation Policies Before You Need Them

Remember the old saying “proper prior planning prevents pitifully poor performance?” In this post, Patrick O’Keefe applies this lesson to community  moderation. Sure, it’s easy to know what to do when somebody spams your forum or drops an unwanted f-bomb. But there are much more complicated — and potentially life-threatening — issues that may come up in your community.

2. What Has a Really Big Impact Upon Levels of Participation?

Getting users to become more active and engaged members is a top priority of most community managers. In this post, Richard Millington gives us five ways to spur participation levels. You probably won’t be surprised at what he suggests, but you may be surprised in what he days doesn’t work.

3. The Market Research Nuggets Most Companies Ignore (at their peril): Comments In Online Communities

Anybody who manages a customer community knows that members are chock full of ideas on how to improve your product. How do you handle these comments. Vanessa DiMauro reminds us that we need to have a process in place to share these suggestions with others in the company and let the customer know that his/her input is valued.

4. Community is a Symbiotic Relationship

When a company launches an online community, they likely give a lot of thought to what they need from that community. Sherrie Rohde reminds us that we need to be more concerns about what the community needs from the company. This post includes some great ideas on how to meet the needs of the community.

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    Thanks for the mention, Dave. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for including my article! It’s an honor. 🙂

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