Online Communities & The Holiday Season

I don’t mean to sound like a Grinch, but I’ve never been big on community activities related to the holiday season. I’ve never been against doing that kind of thing, but I’ve never actually organized anything.

This year, I’m starting to come around.

Our awesome team at Delphi Forums started me down this road with the “Winter Holiday Parade” ¬†they organized. They encouraged our forum hosts to create a special look and feel for the holidays and then compiled those forums into a list of communities that “dressed up” for the season. Take a look at some of the cool designs our hosts came up with:

The other thing that got me thinking about special holiday activities was this week’s #cmgrchat Twitter discussion for community managers hosted by The Community Manager. The topic was Community Holiday Planning. Sue John relayed that she organizes a Christmas avatar competition. She and other also talked about organizing the community to benefit a charity or other good cause. All great ideas.

So maybe I’ve been missing the boat (or sleigh) all these years.

Are you a community manager that organizes special holiday activities? If so, please share in the comment section.

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